Vadim Neselovskyi Trio “On a Bicycle”

vadim neselovskyi trio - Get Up and Go

Extract from the album “Get Up and Go”
Jazz Family – 2017
Third Stream, Post Fusion

Funny, the album is entitled ‘Get Up And Go‘, and its first track On a Bicycle‘, as it would be a unique sentence.

The invitation urges us to go. So off we go, letting our imagination go and ride a bike, as suggested.

Listening to the song, it is impossible to picture myself keeping this tempo – pedaling – while having this lightness. However, if the terrain would be sloping, such as a beautiful descent in the mountains, with small dry bends, hollows, bumps, unveiling sumptuous landscapes, sometimes dramatic, it could explain this feeling, both cheerful and stressed, I get.

Playing the song repeatedly, I think that what is at stake here is most certainly linked to ‘balance’. The balance on the bike, which arises from the beginning by a light stress feeling and what I first believed was related to the bike’s speed, tells us the story of how this journey is trying to equilibrate itself between classical and jazz influences.

How to arrange both, how to find the right balance between these two worlds? The Vadim Neselovskyi Trio clearly has the answer, making it beautifully works together, despite their differences.

This is maybe a nice way to announce what the following pieces will be made of: a delightful and playful balance between classical and jazz influences.

Now we should listen to the second track…

Vadim Neselowskyi: piano | Dan Loomis: drums | Dan Loomis: double bass

vadim neselovskyi trio

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