Top 5 Jazz Songs – May 2016

Five pieces with clearly different atmospheres but all equally exciting – the strength of jazz

5 best jazz tracks - May 2016

#5 – Gerardo Núñez & Ulf Wakenius “Logos”

The master of flamenco nuevo, Gerardo Núñez, is being seconded by Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius for the beautiful track (and album) “Logos”. If you liked Paco de Lucía you should definitely enjoy this music.


#4 – Mop Mop “Adhara”

Based on the idea of traditional Gnawa rhythms mixed with a heavy Dub-Jazz-Funk pulse, Mop Mop is continuing their musical trip to new universes. Adhara, extract from the new “Luna Love”, is a hypnotic and sensual track, with an esoteric feeling that will keep you in meditation for hours.


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#3 – Jane Ira Bloom “Hips & Sticks”

The soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom is composing music on the forward edge of the mainstream. Yet the form and the structure is quite personal and Hips & Sticks (extract from “Early Americans”) is an amazing beautiful track.

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#2 – Thomas Rusiak “Derringers”

The producer Thomas Rusiak is often behind the scenes, but once in a while he releases his own material. Derringers is a heavy jazz track and, thanks to Göran Kafjes and Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson, sounds like a dramatic western.

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#1 – Airelle Besson “Radio One”

Airelle Besson explores the original idea of a quartet voice, trumpet, electric piano and drums. Radio One is clearly a success, it’s intense and melodic: beautiful!

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