Top 5 Jazz Songs – June 2016

5 best jazz tracks - June 2016


#5 – Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force “Ndiguel Groove”

Archaic rhythms- as always with Mark Ernestus – intertwine this time with a little nu jazz melody to offer us a surprisingly gentle and soothing song.

(extract from the EP Walo Walo)

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#4 – Mocke “Gardons-nous de critiquer Jean Autrui”

A music truly looking for something else, other sounds, other structures. This  ‘Gardons-nous de critiquer Jean Autrui’ and the whole album ‘St-Homard’ give to discover new perspectives full of promise.


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#3 – Samo Salamon, Stefano Battaglia “Hammer”

A guitar-piano duet that begins with a hammer piano rhythm (hence the title?) and provides the framework for solos and improvisations to come. – the piece evolves quickly to an abstract sound but particularly accessible and captivating.

(extract from the album ‘Winds’)


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#2 – Billy Cobham & Frankfurt Radio Big Band “Red Baron”

The classic Red Baron from “Spectrum” passed through the Big Bang mill – it’s grand and beautiful.

(extract from the album ‘Broad Horizon‘)

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#1 – Nicholas Payton “Soft”

After ‘Numbers’ and ‘Letters’, Nicholas Payton does this summer the ‘Textures’ inventory. This time completely abandoning his trumpet concentrating on his keyboards – and sounds. Although each piece evokes the so called texture, it is the atmosphere that makes the album singularity and turns every single texture so attractive. We can easily picture ourselves as an Alex Foley (of course the F in “Letters“) back in an 80’s world, between the luxury Beverly Hills and the cool Detroit.

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