Top 5 Jazz Songs – December 2016

5 songs Jazz December 2016

#5 – J Dilla “1070” (USA)

Hypnotic song by a Detroit beat master – J Dilla / Jay Dee, who died in 2006 – you have to listen to.
In fact, the whole album is just a series of beats, previously unreleased, mysteriously named by numbered. But it works very well and we highly recommend you to listen to “1070” (at 23’30) as well as the rest of the collection, certainly hand picked by Dilla’s mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey.

from the album ‘Jay Dee’s Ma Dukes Collection’

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#4 – Bror Gunnar Jansson “Spiritual” (Sweden)

The Swedish one-man-band Bror Gunnar Jansson, kind of more ‘well known’ in France than in Sweden, is back to tease us with his upcoming EP & album (to be released around May 2017).

from the single ‘Spiritual’ / Upcoming Ep & album ‘And The Great Unknown Part I & Part II’

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#3 – Hot 8 Brass Band “Keepin’ it Funky”

From the Mecca of Jazz, New Orleans, here is a brass band as we would love to see live, not in a Jazz venue actually, but in our streets, for parades or funerals, as it should be.

from the EP ‘Working Together / Keepin’ It Funky’

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#2 – Fox Capture Plan “Turning Point”

“Modern Japanese Rock” band from Japan, we could easily consider as a Jazz trio (Ryo Kishimoto: piano; Hidehiro Kawai: bass; Tsukasa Inoue: drum). In all cases, great tune.

from the album ‘Color & Monochrome 2’

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#1 – Tigran Hamasyan “Fides Tua”

Tigran is back, alone for this piece, as for the upcoming solo (!) album – Beautiful!

from the coming album ‘An Ancient Observer’

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