Top 5 Jazz Songs – April 2016

The five Jazz picks for April 2016 happens to be the second tracks of each album – Coincidence? I think not…

5 best jazz tracks - April 2016


#5 – Shez Raja “Maharaja”

Shez Raja, asian born, uk based, pulled off an astonishing band for his indo-jazz-fusion album “Gurutopia” full of euphoric grooves.

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#4 – Jesper Lodval “Carlos”

The Quartet is simply amazing, finding the right balance between American and Scandinavian melodies. The album “Very Well, Vol.1” was released this April but was recorded live in 2013 with Jesper Løvdal (DK) – tenor saxophone | Mathias Landaeus (Swe) – piano | Palle Danielsson (Swe) – double bass | Bob Gullotti (US) – drums


#3 – Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life “The Chant”

New on Blue Note, but long-time saxophonist adventurer, here comes Marcus Strickland‘s Twi-Life with his new album “Nihil Novi” But don’t trust the title – there are so much new things inside it…

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#2 – Allison Miller “High T”

Very strong track where the band manage to show off at the same time camaraderie and solist abilities: fractured all together – amazing!

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#1 – Aaron Parks “Alcubierre’s Law”

Again, some Danish guys meeting an American one (cf #4). It’s elegant and full of poetry, with captivating melodies that the Trio manage to grow amazingly for the best of it.

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