Top 10 Jazz Albums 2016

Top 10 Jazz Album 2016

#10 – Lupa Santiago 4teto & Ed Neumeister “Ubuntu”

An unusual combo guitar / trombone that go past Brazilian Jazz to something extra fresh as well as deep and attention catching.

Brazilian guitarist Lupa Santiago, while touring internationally thanks to his already incredible career, meet the great American trombonist Ed Neumeister in Europe. They then took the opportunity to compose and record this Ubuntu together, in Sao Paolo.

Lupa Santiago: guitar | Leandro Cabral: piano | Alex Buck: drums | Bruno Migotto: bass | Ed Neumeister: trombone

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#9 – Tonbruket “Forevergreens”

A new beginning for Tonbruket: Some of the tracks are extremely soft and gentle, romantic, acoustic, jazz-inspired, while others use prog rock as a springboard from which to make the short leap into heavy metal. The pieces the band plays can differ hugely from each other in shape, intensity and stylistic origin. The result of this is that the listener’s attention tends to be drawn away from the specific and from the moment-to-moment, and towards the totality of what is happening.

Dan Berglund: bass | Martin Hederos: keybords, violon | Johan Lindström: guitar | Andreas Werliin: drums

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#8 – Benjamin Faugloire Project “Birth”

A brillant album by a bold and strong trio from Marseille, France.

Benjamin Faugloire: piano | Denis Frangulian: double bass | Jérôme Mouriez: drums

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#7 – DKV Trio The Thing “Collider”

Excellent demonstration that 1 + 1 can make up 3, when the magic happens. And the magic happens incredibly well between DKV Trio and The Thing – Breath-taking album.

Ken Vandermark: tenor & baritone sax, Bb clarinet | Hamid Drake: drums | Kent Kessler: bass | Mats Gustafsson: tenor & baritone sax | Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: bass | Paal Nilssen-Love: drums

The Thing DKV Trio

#6 – Jonathan Greenstein “Vol 1”

An introspection through externalization. We loved it and now tremble of excitment to discover the 2 next EPs

Jonathan Greenstein: saxophone | Gilad Hekselman: guitar | Victor Gould: piano | Or Bareket: bass | Mark Whitfield Jr.: drums

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#5 – Yussef Kamaal “Black Focus”

One name for a duo from London. Yussef Dayes on drums and Kamaal Williams on the fender rhodes signed on Brownswood by Gilles Peterson – super hype but honestly deserved.

Yussef Dayes: drums | Kamaal Williams: fender rhodes | Mansur Brown: guitar | Kareem Dayes & Tom Driessler: bass | Yelfris Valdes: trumpet | Gordon Wedderburn: vocals | Shabaka Hutchings: Tenor Saxophone

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#4 – Shabaka and the Ancestors “Wisdom of Elders”

Yes this is the Shabaka Hutchings from Sons of Kemet and from The Comet is Coming, this time looking at our ancestors, shouting out again a new wonder

Shabaka Hutchings: tenor sax | Mtunzi Myubu: alto sax | Mandla Mlangeni: trumpet | Siyabanga Mthembu: vocals | Nduduzo Makhathini: Rhodes, piano | Ariel Zamonsky: bass | Gontse Makhene: percussion | Tumi Mogorosi: drums

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#3 – Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom “Otis Was A Polar Bear”

Tough experiences can also lead to new ways of beeing and play together. This band clearly celebrate friends resilience.

Allison Miller: drums | Ben Goldberg: clarinets | Kirk Knuffke: cornet | Myra Melford: piano | Jenny Scheinman: violin | Todd Sickafoose: bass

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#2 – Julie Kjaer 3 “Dobbeltgaenger”

The strength of this album comes from a fragile beauty but lightning, and from the autistic poetry spat by free jazz.

Everything is perfectly mastered. Julie Kjær is of course already recognized for her talent. As Steve Noble (drums) and John Edwards (bass), both remarkable for the strength and inventiveness of their game. But together, this trio (Julie Kjær 3) creates something clearly exceptional.

Julie Kjær: alto saxofone | John Edwards: double bass | Steve Noble: drums

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#1 – GoGo Penguin “Man Made Object”

This album is the turning point where man reclaims and masters the sounds it had subcontracted to machines for years.

Man Made Object“, released in February, is GoGo Penguin’s 3rd album, and their 1st one on Blue Note. From Manchester, the trio is leader free and prefers composing and existing as a unit.

Chris Illingworth: piano | Nick Blacka: double bass | Rob Turner: drums

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