Selvhenter “Motions of Large Bodies”

Selvhenter - Motions of Large Bodies

Eget Værelse (2014, Denmark)

This “Motions of Large Bodies” by Selvhenter is incredible. Seriously an amazing album I am so glad to finally discover, nearly two years after its release.

It is kind of so hard to believe what you hear, you have to look at the following video to get the full picture (tracks starts at 1’08)

If you have the opportunity to see them live, just run, the sound and the energy is simply unimaginable.

Selvhenter honed a truly unique sound – an uncompromising, boundless energetic one that blends the aesthetics of experimental rock, the sophistication of improvised free jazz and the aggressiveness of punk, noise and metal, all performed with passion and humor, sometimes even as music fit for dancing.
Planet Rock

Anja Jacobsen – Drums, Percussion | Jaleh Negari – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards | Maria Bertel – Trombone, Keyboards, Synthesizer | Maria Diekmann – Violin | Sonja Labianca – Saxophone, Keyboards

This video is from 2015, titled “New Age”, with the group The Ex. Not part of the album, but also a great piece:

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