Moppa Elliott “Still up in the Air”

Hot Cup Records (US, 2016) – Post Bop

“Still, Up in the Air”’s cover may be an allegory of the music it contains.

If you focus on the hamster trying to find its wheel, you might be floating around trying to catch free elements in a middle of nowhere… and might be disappointed.

But if you focus on the cube to be, you will find little by little and with no efforts all the elements to understand the structure and the idea of the piece to be.

You will also realise you still have a lot of space for yourself. You may finally think that the hamster is you, not trying to go catch its wheel but exploring a new world that has so much more to offer.

Matthew “Moppa” Elliott is maybe saying “Stop spinning the same ideas – Open yourself to the unknown and the world to be.”


And if not, listen to this Sequence Eleven, it’s anyway pretty fascinating.


“Still, Up in the Air”
Sequence Three
Sequence Eight
Sequence Nine
Sequence Ten
Sequence Eleven
Sequence Six/Twelve
Sequence Fourteen