Jonathan Greenstein “Bittersweet Jelly (Why Is It So Easy To Love)”

Jonathan Greenstein - Vol 2

From the EP “Vol. 2”

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records – 2017
Israel / United States

Just by looking at the art cover, we can see that Jonathan Greenstein’s new EP, following the beautiful “Vol. 1“, will clearly be a continuation but with small clues of what might be different: the music might take an extra step back, looking this time inside and outside; the music will certainly be as emotional but this time maybe welcoming more than exploding.

Yes. Listen to the delicate and haunting track “Bittersweet Jelly (Why Is It So Easy To Love)”. It sounds to me that Jonathan is completely opening himself, simply saying ’this is it, this is my music’. And I really appreciate how the melody seeks our attention by being harmonic, as a way of proving a complete acceptance of it.

The melody can be itself, as the waters of a river. It will flow quietly, sometimes through jolts or even greater turbulence, but it will remain the same – water. And it accepts to be heckled, knowing this won’t affect what it is, those are just some happenings testing what it is and proving it is on his right way.


Jonathan Greenstein: sax, keyboard | Michael King: piano, keyboard | Takeshi Ohbayashi: piano, keyboard | Joshua crumbly: Bass | Jonathan Pinson: drums

Jonathan - by the sea
Picture posted by Jonathan on his Facebook.

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