Jazzmaskinen “Oraklet i Smedby”

from “Jazzmaskinen” – Periferi Records (2016, Sweden)

At start, it’s a bit like the ‘one’, the unique, the undivided. Then this one is divided and multiplied, in equal or unequal parts, harmonious or dissonant parts, hardly becoming a two or naturally a three. It really sounds like a cheerful and nosy experimentation which ultimately allows a lot.

In this ‘one’, it’s finally the silences that surround it that create its strength; the silences that become possible opportunities, which the track explores before, of course, coming back to the starting point.

The title “Oraklet i Smedby” is a nod to the band’s guitarist – Erik – who can answer all questions with as much relevance as the Delphi oracle (Smedby is a district of Norrköping). I picture him predicting a bright future for this group and I am really looking forward to hear them live.

Joakim Sandén – drum | Niclas Lindblom – bass | Martin Perk – piano | Erik Skott – guitar | Marcelo Gabard Pazos – saxophone

Jazzmaskinen Jazz