Jazz Playlist – May 2018

#1 – Kamaal Williams “Salaam”

Kamaal Williams - The Return

extract from the album “The Return”

Black Focus Records – 2018
United Kingdom

Kamaal Williams: keys | Pete Martin: bass | MckNasty: drums

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#2 – Angles 3 “Equality & Death (Mother, Fathers, Where Are Ye?)”

Angles 3 - Parede

extract from the album “Parede”

Cleanfeed Records – 2018

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: double bass | Kjell Nordeson: drums & percussion | Martin Küchen: tenor & soprano saxophone

#3 – Ben LaMar Gay “Oh no…not again!”

Ben LaMar Gay - Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun

extract from the album “Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun”

International Anthem – 2018
United States

Ben LaMar Gay: cornet, synth, voice, flute | Tommaso Moretti: drums, flute | Will Faber: guitar, synth, flute | Joshua Sirotiak: tuba, flute

#4 – Dave Holland “Bass – Percussion T1”

Dave Holland - Uncharted Territories

extract from the album “Uncharted Territories”

Dare2 Records – 2018
United Kingdom

Dave Holland: bass | Evan Parker: tenor sax | Craig Taborn: piano, keyboards, organ & electronics | Ches Smith: percussion

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#5 – Idris Ackamoor and The Pyramids “Message to my People”

Idris Ackamoor, The Pyramids - An Angel Fell

extract from the album “An Angel Fell”

Strut Records – 2018
United States

Idris Ackamoor: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, keytar, lead vocals | Sandra Poindexter: violin, lead vocals | David Molina: guitar, effect pedals, vocals | Skyler Stover: double bass, vocals | Bradie Speller: congas, handsonic, vocals | Johann Polzer: drums


#6 – Joshua Redman “Unanimity”

Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

extract from the album “Still Dreaming”

Nonesuch Records – 2018
United States

Joshua Redman: tenor saxophone | Scott Colley: bass | Ron Miles: cornet | Brian Blade: drums

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#7 – Stefano Bollani “Sbucata da una nuvola”

Stefano Bollani - Que Bom

extract from the album “Que Bom”

Alobar – 2018

Stefano Bollani: piano | Jorge Helder: double bass | Armando Marçal: percussion | Jurim Moreira: drums | Thiago da Serrinha: percussion | João Bosco: voice, guitar | Holanda, Hamilton: Bandolim | Jaques Morelenbaum: cello | Caetano Veloso: voice, guitar

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#8 – Angelika Niescier “5.8 (Live)”

Angelika Niescier - The Berlin Concert

extract from the album “The Berlin Concert”

Intakt Records – 2018

Angelika Niescier: saxophone | Christopher Tordini: bass | Tyshawn Sorey: drums


#9 – Dinosaur “Quiet Thunder”

Dinosaur - Wonder Trail

extract from the album “Wonder Trail”

Edition Records – 2018
United Kingdom

Laura Jurd: trumpet, synthesizer | Elliot Galvin: synthesizers | Conor Chaplin: electric bass | Corrie Dick: drums

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#10 – Fake Humans “Exegesis, Pt.1”

Fake Humans - Exegesis

extract from the album “Exegesis”

Shhpuma – 2018

Colin Fisher: woodwinds, percussion | Carl Didur: keyboards, bass