Jazz Playlist – March 2018

#1 – Sons of Kemet “My Queen Is Harriet Tubman”

Sons of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile

extract from the album “Your Queen Is A Reptile”

Impulse! – 2018
United Kingdom

Shabaka Hutchings: saxophone | Theon Cross: tuba | Tom Skinner: drums | Moses Boyd: drums | Eddie Hick: drums

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#2 – Michael Wollny Trio “Ludus Tonalis: 19. Interludium, sehr ruhig”

Michael Wollny Trio - Oslo

extract from the album “Oslo”

ACT – 2018

Michael Wollny: piano | Christian Weber: double bass | Eric Schaefer: drums


#3 – Makiko Hirabayashi Trio “Once Upon The Sea”

Makiko Hirabayashi Trio - Where the Sea

extract from the album “Where the Sea”

Yellowbird – 2018

Makiko Hirabayashi: piano | Klavs Hovman: bass | Marilyn Mazur: drums, percussion, voice

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#4 – Nubya Garcia “Source”

Nubya Garcia - When We Are

extract from the EP “When We Are”

Nyasha Records – 2018
United Kingdom

Nubya Garcia: tenor saxophone | Joe Armon-Jones: piano / wurlitzer | Daniel Casimir: double bass | Femi Koleoso: drums

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#5 – Azar Lawrence “Elementals”

Azar Lawrence - Elementals

extract from the album “Elementals”

HighNote Records – 2018
United States

Azar Lawrence: soprano & tenor saxophones | Benito Gonzales: keyboards | Jeff Littleton: bass | Marvin “Smitty” Smith: drums | Munyungo Jackson: percussion


#6 – Tea Masters “Go South”

Tea Masters - Tea Masters

extract from the EP “Tea Masters”

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records – 2018
United States

Ran Livneh: upright bass | Tal Yahalom: guitar | Rick Parker: trombone, pocket piano | Santiago Leibson: Fender Rhodes | Yonatan Oleiski: drums, percussion


#7 – Diane Moser “Dancin’ with the Sparrows”

Diane Moser - Birdsongs

extract from the album “Birdsongs”

Planet Arts Records – 2018
United States

Diane Moser: piano | Anton Denner: flute, piccolo | Ken Filiano: bass

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#8 – Escape Argot “The Printer”

Escape Argot - Still Writing Letters

extract from the album “Still Writing Letters”

Traumton Records – 2018

Christoph Steiner: drums | Christoph Grab: reeds | Florian Favre: piano, moog


#9 – Nightports ” White-Shirted”

Nightports - Nightports with Matthew Bourne

extract from the album “Nightports w/Matthew Bourne”

The Leaf Label.- 2018
United Kingdom

Adam Martin: programming, synthesizer | Mark Slater: programming, synthesizer | Matthew Bourne: piano

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#10 – Blameful Isles “Light of Idun”

Blameful Isles - Pleroma

extract from the album “Pleroma”

Urban Waves Records – 2018

Daniel Israelsson | Joakim Saarenpää | John Kvarnström | Oskar Lindblad | Sebastian Midborn

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