Jazz Playlist December 2017

#1 – Wadada Leo Smith “Ornette Coleman’s Harmolodic Sonic Hierographic Forms: A Resonance Change In The Millennium”

Wadada Leo Smith - Najwa

extract from the album “Najwa”

TUM Records – 2017
United States

Wadada Leo Smith: trumpet | Michael Gregory Jackson: guitars | Henry Kaiser: guitars | Brandon Ross: guitars | Lamar Smith: guitars | Bill Laswell: electric bass | Pheeroan akLaff: drums | Adam Rudolph: percussion

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#2 – Airto Moreira “Aluê”

Airto Moreira - Aluê

extract from the album “Aluê”

Selo SESC SP – 2017

Airto Moreira: Percussion, Vocals and Drums | Carlos Ezequiel: Drums and Percussion | José Neto: Guitars | Sizão Machado: Acoustic and Electric Bass | Vítor Alcântara: Sax and Flute | Fabio Leandro: Piano and Keyboards | Diana Purim Moreira: Vocals


#3 – Kamaal Williams “Catch the Loop”

Kamaal Williams - Catch the Loop

extract from the EP “Catch the Loop”

Black Focus Records – 2017
United Kingdom

Kamaal Williams: keys | Mcknasty: drums | Pete Martin: bass | Richard Samuels: mix

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#4 – Keiji Haino, Konstrukt “The Darkness Of +(plus) And The Paleness Of –(minus) Drag Each To An Identical Distance And Reanalyse Blending In Some Pain Part 2”

Keiji Haino, Konstrukt

extract from the album “A Philosophy Warping, Little By Little That Way Lies A Quagmire”

Karlrecords – 2017
Japan, Turkey

Korhan Futacı: Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Reeds, Kaval | Erdem Göymen: Drums | Keiji Haino: Electric Guitar, Electronics, Percussion, Voice | Berkan Tilavel: Percussion, Electronic Drums | Umut Çağlar: Synthesizer, Reeds, Percussion, Flute, Tenor Saxophone

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#5 – Lisa Hilton “Meltdown”

Lisa Hilton - Escapism

extract from the album “Escapism”

Lisa Hilton Music – 2017
United States

Lisa Hilton: piano | J.D. Allen: tenor sax | Terell Stafford: trumpet and flugelhorn | Gregg August: bass | Roy Royston: drums

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#6 – Onyx Collective “97 Allen St.”

Onyx Collective

extract from the album “Lower East Suite”

Big Dada Recordings – 2017
United States

Austin Williamson: drums | Spencer Murphy: Electric Bass | Jack Gulielmetti: Guitar | Isaiah Barr: Saxophone


#7 – Vulfpeck “Eddie Buzzsaw”

Vulfpeck - Eddie Buzzsaw

extract from the EP “Eddie Buzzsaw”

Vulf – 2017
United States

Jack Stratton: guitar | Theo Katzman: drums | Woody Goss: pianet, wah wah pedal | Joe Dart: fender bass | Eddie Barbash: alto sax

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#8 – Susie Ibarra “Memory Game”

Susie Ibarra - Perception

extract from the album “Perception”

Decibel Music – 2017
United States

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#9 – Thomas Strønen “Lucus”

Thomas Strønen - Lucus

extract from the EP “Lucus”

ECM – 2017

Thomas Strønen: drums | Ayumi Tanaka: piano | Håkon Aase: violin | Lucy Railton: violoncello | Ole Morten Vågan: double bass

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#10 – Joakim Eskildsen “Boy on a Hill”

Joakim Eskildsen - Equilibrium

extract from the album “Equilibrium”

Blue Green Records – 2017

Joakim Eskildsen: piano