Gorilla Mask – “Before I Die”

Before I Die - Gorilla Mask

extract from the album “Iron Lung”
Clean Feed Records – 2017

We discovered Gorilla Mask in 2014 with the explosive “Chained”, a metal-blues-jazz track, perfect opening of their 1st released “Bite My Blues”.

The trio is back with a new album “Iron Lung”. As the evolution of the 2 album covers suggests, it seems that Gorilla Mask went from a powerful raw scream to an in-deep electric surgical operation of their own sound. And the result is very existing. It keeps the extraordinary energy while exploring further sonic possibilities. “Before I Die” is a perfect example: you will find in the middle of their trash-free-jazz, a kind of reggae-trash-jazz part we never heard before; clearly epic.

“[…] perverse masterpiece which exposes the human face behind the gorilla mask”
Clean Feed Records

Peter Van Huffel: alto saxophone | Roland Fidezius: electric bass, effects | Rudi Fischerlehner: drums

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