Daniel Karlsson Trio “Passing Fury”

Daniel Karlsson Trio Ding Dong

Extract from the album “Ding Dong”
Brus & Knaster – 2017
Nu Jazz

Passing Fury… reading the title I was expecting a fury as a chaos to take over the track. But surprisingly, the fury was quite negative or let’s say inverted – I mean as an extremely calm moment.

In that way, the first part of the piece could be pictured as a body fighting the cold, trying to protect itself from a terrible winter wind about to enter its refuge. The 2nd part is the moment when the vertiginous and elusive cold finally enters the refuge and freeze in an icy breath the body, incapable of resisting, slumbering completely, without violence, immediately.

The body recovers in the third part, gently but surely, obliging itself to articulate each note, like every movement, to regain all its initial vigor. This vigor is perhaps even incremented by a slight madness as if the loss of consciousness had reached its capacity. But anyway, the body survived this terrible wind, passing fury, like a breath of sweetness.


Daniel Karlsson: piano | Christian Spering: double bass | Fredrik Rundqvist: drums

Daniel Karlsson Trio #2

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