Collocutor “Disappearance”

Collocutor - The Search

Extract from the album “The Search”
On The Corner Records – 2017
Nu Jazz

The saxophonist Tamar Osborn is the heart of Collocutor.
As the founder of the group, organically connected to all the musicians, like a heart bringing blood to its linked organs, making them beat and grow together.
But also as a composer, like an open heart inspired by its multicultural surrounding, able to incorporate in her music the simple beauty of human variety and harmony.

“Really good collective…Ethiopique, little bit spiritual jazz and banging”
Gilles Peterson

…if Gilles says it, anyway, you now have no choices but to give it a try!

Tamar Osborn: baritone & soprano sax, alto flute | Simon Finch: trumpet & flugelhorn | Mike Lesirge: tenor sax & soprano sax | Suman Joshi: bass | Marco Piccioni: guitar | Magnus Mehta: percussion | Maurizio Ravalico: percussion


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