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Best of Jazz, October 2018

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for the unicity for the poetry for the minimalism for the blessed up for the pianist for the uncredited for the duet for the rhythm for the energy for the… Read More

Jazz Playlist – August 2018

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#1 – Jimi Tenor, Tony Allen “OTO Jam” extract from the album “OTO Live Party” Moog Recordings – 2018 Finland, Nigeria Jimi Tenor: electronics, moog | Tony Allen: drums #2… Read More

Jazz Playlist – July 2018

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#1 – Makaya McCraven “Ox Tales” extract from the album “Where We Come From” International Anthem – 2018 United States Makaya McCraven: drums | Soweto Kinch: saxophone, voice | Theon… Read More

Jazz Playlist – June 2018

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#1 – Emanative “Heaven’s Mirror” extract from the album “Earth” Jazzman- 2018 United Kingdom Nick Woodmansey: drums | Ben Hadwen: bass clarinet, sax, flute | Jessica Lauren: piano, organ, synth… Read More