Best of Jazz 2016 – So Far…

2016 is already a great year for Jazz and this selection (of course in progress) was not easy to define.
Plus, we are waiting for some announced new releases that will certainly find their place in this Top Jazz 2016:

  • Nicholas Payton and his new album “Textures“, coming mid-June;
  • Orchestre National de Jazz will release their third European cities opus “Rome“;
  • Jonathan Greenstein will release Vol 2 & 3 (if it’s as good as Vol 1 I believe I will count them as one!);
  • Göran Kajfes had a gig with his new Band Tropiques – it was awesome – we heard the album is planned for the host.

But, so far, archaic pop top list is:

best of jazz 2016


#10 Aaron Parks “Groovements”

Some Danish guys meeting an American one. It’s elegant and full of poetry, with captivating melodies that the Trio manage to grow amazingly for the best of it.

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#9 Lisa Ullén Quartet “Borderlands”

Free jazz and improvisation at its best. Astounding music from an artist you have to listen to!

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#8 Joachim Kühn “Beauty & Truth”

The whole “Beauty & Truth” grooves, as only a nearly 70-year-old person knows how to make it happens so simply and so perfectly.


#7 Prol “Domherrarna”

Noisy-trash-jazz… Provocative and different, a real surprise


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#6 Benjamin Faugloire Project “Birth”

A brillant album from Marseille, France. Bold and stong trio that will passionate you.

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#5 Airelle Besson “Radio One”

Airelle Besson explores the original idea of a quartet voice, trumpet, electric piano and drums. Radio One is clearly a success, it’s intense and melodic: beautiful!

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#4 Jonathan Greenstein “Vol 1”

An introspection through externalization. We loved it and now burn to discover the 2 next EPs


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#3 Allison Miller “Otis Was A Polar Bear”

Tough experiences can also lead to new ways of beeing and play together. This band clearly celebrate friends resilience.

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#2 Julie Kjaer 3 “Dobbeltgaenger”

An autistic poetry spat by free jazz. Absolutly incredible!

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#1 Gogo Penguin “Man Made Object”

This album is the turning point where man reclaims and masters the sounds it had subcontracted to machines for years.

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