Best of Jazz, September 2018

A selection that largely puts forward the United States, including the excellent Barre Phillips – with probably one of the best album of the year – covers by José James, unreleased by Ben LaMar Gay, and new talents as Henry Conerway III.

Europe also had great releases coming from Germany via Morocco (Web Web), surprising Belgium (Steiger), and always delivering London (Moses Boyd).

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#1 – Ben LaMar Gay “The Escape, The Chase”

Ben LaMar Gay - 500 Chains

extract from the album “500 Chains”

International Anthem – 2018
United States

Ben LaMar Gay: cornet, synth, voice, narration, flute | Will Faber: guitar, ngoni, synth, fretless 12-string guitar, flute | Joshua Sirotiak: tuba, flute | Tommaso Moretti: drums, flute


#2 – Barre Phillips “Quest – Pt. 4”

Barre Phillips - End to End

extract from the album “End to End”

ECM Records – 2018
United States

Barre Phillips: double bass

#3 – Moses Boyd “Frontline”

Moses Boyd . Displaced Diaspora

extract from the album “Displaced Diaspora”

Exodus Records – 2018
United Kingdom

Moses Boyd: drums | Nubya Garcia: saxophone, flute | Kevin Haynes: saxophone, bata | Nathaniel Cross: trombone | Theon Cross: tuba | Zara McFarlane: vocals | Terri Walker: vocals | Louis V1: rap vocals

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#4 – Web Web “Agowu”

Web Web - Dance of the Demons

extract from the album “Dance of the Demons”

Compost Records – 2018

Roberto Di Gioia: piano, synth, percussion | Tony Lakatos: tenor and soprano saxophone | Christian von Kaphengst: upright bass | Peter Gall: drums


#5 – Henry Conerway III “Hopscotch”

Henry Conerway - WIth Pride for Dignity

extract from the album “With Pride for Dignity”

thehc3 – 2018
United States

Henry Conerway III: drums | Kenny Banks Jr: piano | Kevin Smith: bass

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#6 – José James “Use Me”

José James - Lean on Me

extract from the album “Lean on Me”

Blue Note – 2018
United States

Jose James: vocals | Pino Palladino: bass | Kris Bowers: keys | Brad Allen Williams: guitar | Nate Smith: drums | Marcus Strickland: saxophonist | Takuya Kuroda: trumpet | Lalah Hathaway: guest vocalist

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#7 – Ray Angry “Musique Mecanique III”

Ray Angry - One

extract from the album “One”

J.M.I. Recordings – 2018
United States

Ray Angry: piano, keyboard | Eric Harland: drums | Derrick Hodge: bass | Ambrose Akinmusire: trumpet | Myron Walden: various horns

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#8 – Robbie Lee & Mary Halvorson “A Forest Viol”

Robbie Lee & Mary Halvorson - Seed Triangular

extract from the album “Seed Triangular”

New Amsterdam Records – 2018
United States

Robbie Lee: flute, clarinet, saxophone, melodica, bells | Mary Halvorson: guitar, banjo


#9 – Myriad3 “Meme Art”

Myriad3 - Vera

extract from the album “Vera”

Alma Records – 2018
United States

Chris Donnelly: piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, spoons | Dan Fortin: bass | Ernesto Cervini: drums, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, glockenspiel, percussion

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#10 – Steiger “Female Pope”

Steiger - Give Space

extract from the album “Give Space”

Sdban Records – 2018

Gilles Vandecaveye: piano | Kobe Boon: bass | Simon Raman: drum


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