Benjamin Faugloire Project “Birth”

Benjamin Faugloire Project - Birth

Jazz Family (2016, France)

Are cities having a major influence on Jazz bands?

If we think about New-York or New-Orleans we should certainly answer yes to that question. But when it comes to Marseille, France, I don’t know, I never thought of it. So when I first heard of Benjamin Faugloire Project and caught they were from Marseille, I immediately started to wonder if I would be able to hear signs of their home city through their new album “Birth”.

After a full play of the album, I realized I did not really focus on my primary intention. Instead, I did get 100% absorbed into the 10 tunes, forgetting all about Marseille and discovering properly this amazing trio.


Pressing the ‘play’ button again few more times, I figured out I could not find Marseille in “Birth”, neither its sounds, its sunshine nor its city life. But what I got was even better: characters. Characters certainly shaped by Marseille, bold and strong. Challenging, teasing each other; pushing each other technically and in complexity. Deeply connected and engage in their friendship, showing signs of “I see where you’re going, and I follow you, I will support you and encourage you”, leading to great improvisations.

As mentioned on their website: “But here and with this trio, only the emotion matters and this is indeed what they suggest us […] to feel.”

The strength of this trio is really all those intelligent feelings they manage to share with us.

Definitely a brilliant album.

Benjamin Faugloire: Piano | Denis Frangulian: Double Bass | Jérôme Mouriez: Drums

Benjamin Faugloire
Benjamin Faugloire Project

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