Arnan Raz Quintet “Second to the Left”

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records (2016, Israel) – Post Bop

If you read the article Top 5 Jazz Tracks of January 2016, you have already discovered Arnan Raz Quintet, and their Mykonos cover of the Fleet Foxes. This post is about the album “Second to the Left” which was just released by Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit.

Arnan Raz Quintet - Second to the Left

“Second to the Left”

The cover of the album and its title confused me… Before listening to the album, I was not sure what to expect. In the very first beginning I still was not sure, but then, during the first piece, it convinced me to listen to the entire album. Still I felt a bit extra confused and I wondered  – The Main Lawn (Part 3) – why not start with Part 1?

I still do not understand – why this title, why this cover? – And perhaps Arnan Raz is looking for each one of us to bring our own answers. Perhaps is it just this wall corner, that nothing will go through, not even interpretation.

Arnan Raz Quintet

However, the Quintet’s music made me think of a respectful friendship between old friends. An elaborate conversation paced, exciting, made of respect, civility, discussions about art, about identity, about trivial subjects and about nothing. But always in extreme delicacy.

This delicacy is ultimately what stands out most of the album, and what I believe, is its strength. The Main Lawn – Part 1 is an extreme example, which makes sense as a sweet conclusion, the satisfaction of that moment we spent together, when time has been forgotten, but which announces the end. It is good that Part 1 is last and Part 3 is first as conversation between friends never starts with something formal, but with something which for a new observer is hard to follow as you never know what the last conversation they had was about. The introduction can be understood only in the light of the eleven tracks, this delicate and respectful friendship, with its codes and rituals.

In short, very good album that I highly recommend!

Arnan Raz – Tenor Sax
Eyal Hai – Alto Sax
Daniel Meron – Piano
Nadav Laquis – Bass
Dani Danor – Drums

01. The Main Lawn (Part 3)
02. I Can See For Miles
03. Zahira
04. This Kid Is Me
05. The Main Lawn (Part2)
06. Mykonos
07. It’s Easy To Remember (and So Hard To Forget)
08. What Has Been Will Be Again
09. The White City
10. Solo Le Pido A Dios
11. The Main Lawn (Part 1)