Anne Paceo “Tzigane”

from “Circles” – Laborie Jazz (2016, France) – Post-Fusion

“Circles” is about rhythms. All kind of rhythms; and always rhythms thought as melodies.

Anne Paceo, drummer, is the in the centre of those circles, metamorphosing melodies into rhythms and rhythms into melodies. She also adds to every tracks insight from all the tours she already did around the world and all the great musicians she already played with.

Tzigane is a paced melody with one hand in folk and one hand in jazz, creating the right balance as circles always do.

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Émile Parisien: saxophone | Christophe Panzani: saxophone | Leila Martial: voice | Tony Paeleman: fender rhodes, keyboards | Anne Paceo: voice, drums, compositions

Anne Paceo