Alexandre Vianna Trio “Sobre o Vento”

Alexandre Vianna Trio - Ânimo

Extract from the album “Ânimo”
Independent / Tratore – 2016

The song that closes “Ânimo“, first and very enjoyable album by Alexandre Vianna, playing with João Benjamin and Rafael Lourenço, is called Sobre o Vento.

About the wind… The opening immediately hooked me, with its relentless rhythm, but without really being able to feel where the wind was nesting in those first seconds. I soon realized that the introduction was not the wind itself, but certainly the sun, with its stunning, brutal heat, as perhaps this trio must experiment around São Paulo.
At this very moment, the wind can make its entrance, light, and refreshing. He twists, elusive, and seems to be able to give life and enthusiasm to all he caresses. And as soon as this wind disappears, the sun rushes and knocks again, until the wind returns to caress our skin and soften our burns.

It is really absorbing and the piece will do you as much good to your ears as a soft wind would on a hot summer day.

Alexandre Vianna: piano | João Benjamin: double bass | Rafael Lourenço: drums

Alexandre Vianna Trio

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